Jidhafs Charity Association was established as a charitable fund in 1993 and later turned into a charity in 2010. The Association looks forward to being a leader in the region's philanthropy and contributing to the development of society and the advancement of its children. The Association seeks to achieve good for all and spread the culture of solidarity and solidarity among the members of society through a series of charitable, cultural and social.

Latest News

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Our Service

    The Association strives to provides

  1. - Assistance to families in need.
  2. - Help needy families to build and renovate houses. - Helping patients in need of treatment in Bahrain and abroad.
  3. - Providing emergency assistance in the event of calamities and disasters.
  4. - Assisting needy individuals in case of marriage.
  5. - Contribution to the work of righteousness.
  6. - Contribution to social development.